About us

      Our children are our future, so as mothers ourselves, we only want the best for them. At Simpli-Kids, we are committed in making sure that what is put into our products are not only of top notch quality but also safe for our children. We know that it can take much time and energy to find the best for our kids, time and energy that us moms don't already have enough of in addition to our busy schedule.

      That's why we sincerely hope that mothers everywhere can conveniently find from Simpli-Kids everything they need for their little ones here, as their one-stop children apparel shop. Aside from the quality of our products, we are also always brainstorming and designing new, fun styles, so that getting your kid dressed is more enjoyable for both mom and kid! So please keep checking back for more new products to come!



                                                                                                             Best Wishes,